Revenue Sharing

Lifestyle Galaxy shares part of its revenues through network marketing and affiliate marketing.

How do we share our revenues

Without explaining the compensation plan in full (which in full can be found here – hyperlink – )
for each of our products/ services we have a way to share revenues.

For eSports Galaxy we share 50% of the gross revenues with our league owners over 2 levels.
We are, as far as we know, the only company that offer real time gaming that shares our revenues.

On mining, a very small percentage of the total output of the equipment on each mining package, both retail and member packages, are converted into Commissionable Volume Points that go through the binary tree structure.

For each purchased bid-credits-pack sold on Auction Galaxy, Commissionable Volume Points are added to the binary tree structure as well.

As a company we offer multiple options for our independent representatives to increase their residual income.

No cost to join the business opportunity

There are NO costs to join the business opportunity. Each member can opt in to the business opportunity in order to build a channel of independent representatives, sell retail products/ services and thus create residual income.