No member of the company should engage in any unethical, deceptive, false or unlawful recruiting practice. Members of the company must insure that no statements or promises are made to mislead a prospect.


The offer of products to a prospect by an independent rep must be accurate, truthful to price and performance. All product claims by an independent rep must have reliable evidence and must not be misleading

Promotional Material

Promotional Material such as literature, advertisements and mailings should not contain product claims, photos or illustrations that are false or misleading and must be approved by our Compliance Team.


The promise of an guarantee or a warranties offered by the independent rep are strictly prohibited.

Identification and Privacy

Independent Reps must take appropriate steps to safeguard and protect all private information provided by a independent repand/or prospect.

Payments and Fees

Independent Representatives are not to charge high entrance fees, training fees, promotional material or other fees solely to give another rep or prospect the right to participate in an event.

Giving Financial Advise

Giving Financial Advise is prohibited unless you are a licensed financial advisor.

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Earnings can vary depending on time commitment, skill level and other factors.
Not everyone may achieve the level of success or income presented, some will make less and other may make even more. This really depends on each individual and how he/she runs their business. Amounts presented are before any expenses.

Ethics Certification Training

The Lifestyle Galaxy Ethics Certification is unlike any other training being offered.
We encourage all members to take full advantage of the training and resources being offered. Training and certification must be completed in order to become an “active” member. The Ethics Manual may be updated at anytime. Training certification is to be updated by every member, no exclusions.