Trademarks & Copyrights

Lifestyle Galaxy’s brand and reputation is one of it’s most valuable assets and therefore we must protected at all times. Lifestyle Galaxy does not allow the use of it’s trademarks, designs, logos or other identifying information by an person including employees, members, independent reps without prior written permission.

Domain and Email Addresses

Representatives may not use or attempt to register or incorporate any of the Lifestyle Galaxy names, trademarks and its’ products for any internet domain, electronic email addresses or social media page.

Personal Websites

If a independent representative would like to use an internet web page to promote their business they may do so through their branded/personal company website.

Outside Incentives, Promotions

Lifestyle Galaxy strictly prohibits cash offerings, monetary incentives, promotions, prizes or bonuses to members of their downline or prospects for the purpose of recruiting new Representatives unless exclusively permitted by Lifestyle Galaxy.


Spamming other members or prospects with the purpose of promoting Lifestyle Galaxy and it’s products and compensation plan via email or social media is prohibited.


The use of automated telephone solicitation with the purpose of promoting Lifestyle Galaxy and it’s products is prohibited.

Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Post Cards

Independent Representatives are able to download business cards, pique cards, flyers and brochures through their Lifestyle Galaxy Back-Office or Lifestyle Galaxy Resource Website (Coming Soon). Only business cards ordered or downloaded via Lifestyle Galaxy are authorized to include the official trademarked logo if they refer themselves as Lifestyle Galaxy Independent Representatives.

Development and Use of Independent Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials are any printed materials or online communication including advertisements, brochure, videos, flyers, banners, websites, emails, presentations, apparel. Lifestyle Galaxy prohibits any member or representative created materials that does any of the following:

  1. Contain Lifestyle Logos, name, trademarks
  2. Makes specific reference to products, plans, rates or compensation plan
  3. Claims or guarantees related to money or pricing – strictly prohibited
  4. Claims of earnings or even hypothetical earnings – strictly prohibited
  5. Represents Lifestyle Galaxy as an employer because they are independent Rep