Why is Lifestyle Galaxy™ a legitimate business?2017-04-19T06:47:10+00:00

We sell memberships, mining contracts and other products and services, which are purchased by many who do not join the business opportunity. This implies we do have sufficient retail sales. People need and want our products, regardless of a compensation plan.

Joining the business opportunity is absolutely free of costs.

We also have an official letter of opinion of a top law firm who have thoroughly reviewed our business model and who have stated that, upon review, we run a legitimate operation.

Does Lifestyle Galaxy™ have any offices?2017-04-19T11:41:08+00:00

We have a beautiful office in Pretoria, South Africa, which is our Global Head Office.
The company was registered under number 2016/440963/07

We also have a registration in the US, from where Learning Galaxy, support and training is handled. Click here to see registration.

We will be opening more offices all over the world. Check back regularly on updates.

Is Lifestyle Galaxy™ a global company?2017-04-18T11:59:11+00:00

Yes and no. As of this moment we are open for business in 33 countries. We don’t feel the need to rush into each and every country. We prefer to carefully prepare entrance in a country or region, find the right leadership (ethics again!), study local legislation, take any necessary steps if required, to then enter a country or region.

Does Lifestyle Galaxy have to register with any regulator?2017-04-18T12:09:53+00:00

No, we do not. We would have to if we would sell any investments or financial services, which we don’t.

We sell memberships and mining contracts, as well as other products/ services. Under these mining contracts miners fully control their settings, when to withdraw to their external wallets and with MultiMining even what coins they’d be mining.

That choice can be modified on a daily basis if they’d desire.

If requested, the purchased hardware can be shipped to a member’s home address.

What makes Lifestyle Galaxy a safe haven for thousands of people around the world?2017-04-18T12:10:08+00:00

We feel strong about growing people, our membership. It makes sense to have education as an important part of our services and support.

We strive to stay away from hyping anything. Enthusiasm isn’t equal to hype after all and we are passionate about what we have to offer. We believe we stand out as a company, not just in the crypto mining world, but definitely will do in the network marketing world, because of our ethics.

We do not just educate our members on our company, but try to add value in their valuation of other online opportunities and helping them to spot red flags better.

What makes Galaxy Mining™ the most trusted crypto mining platform?2017-04-18T12:12:18+00:00

We are the only company who sells mining contracts who are clear about who owns the company (David Martin) and who runs it. The entire executive team is showing on our website, with names and pictures.

Once a year at our corporate event our members have the opportunity to meet with all of them.

Footage of our last event in December 2016 can be seen right here.

On a local level members can meet and/ or communicate with the executives in their region as well.

Is Galaxy Mining™ REAL?2017-04-18T12:10:40+00:00

Yes it is very real. Galaxy Mining™ is the new brand name for our mining operations, which started early 2016. Next to us being listed on the Slushpool website as DragonMine01 (the name under which we started our mining operations) the well known Bitcoin.com has sent out a press release about our decision to point our hash rate to their mining pool. We cannot point hash rate that doesn’t exist after all.

We also allow members, after having signed an NDA – to protect our security – to visit our mining facilities.

Footage of that can be found right here.

Is Dragon Mine still mining?2017-04-18T12:10:51+00:00

Yes, it never stopped mining successfully ever since the start early 2016.

We can be found on the Slushpool website as DragonMine01.

Since we decided to also mine with Bitcoin.com (see their press release on this decision) we started mining with them under our new brand name Galaxy Mining™.

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