Compliance is an important topic for us because Compliance means acting with integrity, one of our Core Values that is the heart of our company. Compliance is a code of ethics that applies to everyone in our company, no matter the authority level, country, race, age or sex.

It’s only by adhering to these standards that we can we avoid legal and economic risk to our company, and our Lifestyle Galaxy Family. Following our policies is essential for adhering to our core values and maintaining pride in working with Lifestyle Galaxy.

Lifestyle Galaxy will decline any business that does not comply with our Compliance Policy and/or may be violating the law. Our Compliance policy forms the structure for behaving in accordance with our foundational rules. It’s based on proven core values that have always governed our business: Integrity, Respect, Loyalty to the Vision, Team Player and Innovation.

We ask that everyone embody the rules in this policy manual,implement them daily and take full advantage of our training courses as they are made available. As the Global Compliance Group, we are committed to assist all employees and members on all compliance issues. Please take full advantage of our team that has been provided just for you.

Together we can uphold Lifestyle Galaxy’s great reputation in Making the World a Better Place 

Compliance is a fundamental part of our culture that keeps members safe while making sure that the company is always represented in the most ethical way. It is a proof that both the company and its members are behaving in a consistent and congruent manner with our Policies and Procedures. Agreeing with our ethical values and marketing in full compliance is critical to everyone in our Lifestyle Galaxy Family. Acting otherwise could taint the perception of the business or even hurt the reputation of the company and all its members. Furthermore, being non-compliant can hurt member sales and image on individual and entire community bases. That is why with compliance we are protecting YOUR BUSINESS by training and certifying our members to uphold the highest standards.

Please read the Compliance Certification Document. You can download it here.