Integrity, Meritocracy, Loyalty to the Vision, Innovation & Family



Integrity represents being in alignment with the mission statement while at the same time being transparent to our membership. It lies in a collective approach of the: Company, Leaders, Membership and Individual. The Customer’s best interest is the Company’s best interest so it is also an effort to: do right for the members while providing the best service and best interest when no one is watching. It is a Customer Experience perceived best interest. When we say that we have integrity, we want to show that we are always being honest and having strong moral principles. It can also be comprehended as a form of courage, because we believe that taking the step further is a win-win situation. Having said that, we try to be modest at what we do while always questioning our methods and striving for best possible decision for our members with integrity.



Meritocracy is about service, achievement and dedication. It is also a society in which people acquire status through their achievements while being in line with our core values. We recognize and reward those that achieve the most for their world, their community, their company, their tribe, their team and themselves. We also aspire to always reach the highest level in anything we do. An opportunity where our members come first. Meritocracy is not just about service as it also questions on how achievements have been reached. The service also needs to be defined and we can’t focus only on results. The point is that anyone at any level can quickly enhance their meritocracy level with their service.

Loyalty to the Vision


Being loyal to the Vision means that we are making the World a Better Place through Lifestyle Galaxy’s core Vision Statements:

  • Saving the Middle Class
  • Charity
  • Emergency Relief
  • Products designed to Make the World a Better Place


“We are in a state of constant and never-ending improvement.” (Kaizen & CANI)
We constantly innovate, which is one of the keys to being a leader in the industry with each of our products. An innovative state of mind allows us to stand the test of time. It is important for us to state that we anticipate change as well, in a way that we are challenging our products by always looking for ways to improve them. We are forward-thinkers, trend setters and have the power to establish trends in our industry that will provide our members with lifestyle changing opportunities.



We are committed to our family and their success through transparency. This includes honorary members and new family members who came to us through our charitable actions. Family is a value that we live by, its sustained by the trust we openly share. We embrace positive working environment where our Lifestyle Galaxy Family does what it takes for the good of everyone. As a company and a team we get to choose our family (ideal, like-minded people) in our inner circle, therefore our culture is also not for everyone because it is a two-way street. If someone is a part of our family, he/she needs to agree on a higher level of integrity which includes our core values, loving and caring approach but also includes acceptable boundaries (consequences), huge dose of responsibility of our actions to ourselves and the community and our company’s mindset in general. Our values establish the culture of the company and a highly respect for the company.

Our Core Values are the foundation

that guide our decision making process everyday.

They are the standards to which we hold our Company.